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Star Wars > Animations

Palpatine Arrives at Coruscant
This anim was rendered with 3D Studio MAX R3, I only modeled the meshes in MAX R2.5 and then imported them into MAX R3. I cut the shots and added the sound by using Premiere and Aftereffects. I also used layers to save render time, for example: the stormtroopers are their own layer and also the lightflares of the shuttle. All other vehicles in the Coruscant scene are different layers. . It isn't fully finished yet, I'm still working on some scenes where you can see Palpatine walking out of the Shuttle and hundreds of Stormtroopers stand on the landing paltform.

File is an MPEG.

  1. Willi Hames (Willi) (Author)
  1. Media Player (4Mb)
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