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Corellian Corvette (Blockade Runner) 3
Another model from the now defunt KnightQuest2 project.

Fabio made a lot of revisions and cut the file size from 43MB to 13MB:

[1] All textures UV mapped
[2] Mesh pointed correctly down Z axis for layout use
[3] Layers re-organised
[4] Slight tweaking of diffuse and spec layers
[5] Scene files created
[6] textures converted to 8 bit pngs for most efficient useage in layout

  1. Tom Sehenuk (Author)
  2. Fabio Passaro (Revisions)
  3. André Müller (muepper) (XSI conversion)
  1. LW 7.x (13.4Mb)
  2. XSI (16.88Mb)
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