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Sci-Fi 3D Authors
* Denotes Staff Member

, Bethesda
Akdag, Can Email Author
Alexander, Teyon - Teyon
Allamandri, Fabio Email Author
Allen, Matt
Andy, Andy Email Author
Anghelescu, Mihai - misu Email Author
Anthony, Marc
Arevshatov, George Email Author
Ark, Vfx Email Author
Auyoung, Derrick
Baddeley, Daniel Email Author
Bailey, Dennis Email Author
Baldasseroni, Alessandro Email Author
Baldissera, Mauro Email Author
Banner, Thomas
Baroody, Adam - Jackie_Chan_Fan  Email Author
Bassett, James
Bastarache, Mike Email Author
Bauriedel, Marco
Beardsley, Brian - Brian Email Author
Benton, Adam
Bertaccini, Andrea Email Author
Beux, Ricardo C.
Blackburn, Brad - fatjack Email Author
Blevins, Neil
Bonev, Yav Email Author
Bonner, James Email Author
Borges-Silva, Chris - Borjis Fett
Boric, Igor Email Author
Bouchony, Raphaël de - Tron Email Author
Boudreaux, Chris Email Author
Boulden, Lee
Brackin, Zachary Email Author
Brandhorst, Chris Email Author
Brandt, Nick
Bremner, Ian Email Author
Bristow-Stagg, Bradley - shaderWolf Email Author
Broadway, Daniel - Pixel Magic (ChiefLDS)
Brovar, Lt. - Lt.Brovar Email Author
Burge, Mark - Junshi Email Author
Burnett, Mike Email Author
Burningham Studios
Butler, Corey - cbutlerc Email Author
Casey, Shay - se7en Email Author
Chadeisson, Paul Email Author
Chang, Robert Email Author
Chang, Dr. Harry
Chan-yoo, Seok - BBYAG Email Author
Cheng, Henry Email Author
Choy, Philippe - PhCh Email Author
Christou, Matthew - Mattc Email Author
Clark, Dave - Darth Tater Email Author
Clark, Matt
Clark, Craig - Mister Rottweiler Email Author
Cole, Dylan Email Author
Coles, Simon - JDR Email Author
Combe, David - _DAC_ Email Author
Compston, H
Connery, Iven
Cordia, Jarno
Costa, Joăo - Masakari Email Author
Coulsen, Mark Email Author
Couston, Olivier - Dr.Jones* Email Author
Cristian, Rus - kriss Email Author
Crook, Andrew Email Author
Czarny, Robert - TroC Email Author
D, Phoenix - Phoenix D
Dammers, Gino Email Author
Dani, Ashish
Day, Howard - Piranhaman Email Author
Day, Christopher Email Author
Dean, Ben Email Author
DeBlock, Matthew Email Author
Dejardin, Bertrand - BOBABERT
Delage , Fabrice
Deniskin, Roman - Mad Dragon
Dixon, Justin - Admiraligor
Dodds, Skye - #dude Email Author
Donnelly, Robert - Dreamcatcher Email Author
Dubek, Rasto - RAYfighter Email Author
Dyke, Richard - biotech
EBOLII Email Author
Edelmayer, Troy L - Kyprus Email Author
Eiland, Marc - Darksteps Email Author
Ellebracht, Brian Email Author
Elpin Email Author
Engzell, Mikael
Espada, Julio C. - Jhotun Email Author
Faidutti, Riccardo
Favotti, Dominique Email Author
Ferguson, Shawn Email Author
Fernandez, Javier Email Author
Ford, Terry Email Author
Foster, Ian
Foster, Darren Robert
Füllgrabe, Moritz - MogodtBackAgain Email Author
Gaffney, Aaron Email Author
Gandy, Paul Email Author
Ganshorn, Thomas - JarJar Thomas Email Author
Garn, Olen Email Author
Garnier, Martin Email Author
Get Buzzy, Ned Email Author
Gibbens, Henry Email Author
Gilmore, Scot Email Author
Gingras, Alexandre Email Author
Gonzalez, Jose Antonio
Graf, Bret Email Author
Grandy, Rick Email Author
Graves, Douglas E. - deg Email Author
Grays, Tom - TomG
Green, Steve
Grefrath, Wesly Email Author
Grivet, Bastien - grivetart Email Author
Guebels, Anthony
Hadrian,   Email Author
Haines, Chris - Maeror
Hallam, Nick - Nick Email Author
Hames, Willi - Willi Email Author
Handke, Daniel - D-Man Email Author
Hansen, Christopher Email Author
Harcarik, Jan - turbinea Email Author
He, Miao - 3dmiao Email Author
Hebel, Andreas Email Author
Hecker, Christian - tigaer Email Author
Hempsall, Paul - Rogue* Email Author
Herczog, Rudy - Rudy Email Author
Hermann, Preben - Rough Rider
heurtebis, laurent - ANUBIS451 Email Author
Heusohn, Joscha - Executioner_de Email Author
Hi Guys
Hicks, CK - DVeditor Email Author
Hill, Jonathan W. Email Author
Hirsch, Sebastian - Mojo
Hitsřy, André Mikal - André Email Author
Hobson, Michael - Jedi2016
Hodge, Jas - Binkerman* Email Author
Hoffman, John Email Author
Holbé, Fabrice
Holtmann, Carsten - CarstenH Email Author
Holzmeiser, Andre Email Author
Horton, Kristopher Email Author
Hosfelt, Jay
Hsiao, Ansel - Fractalsponge
Hua, Wei Wei - WEIHUA Email Author
Huang, Jichi Email Author
Hyung Jun, Kim - kjun Email Author
ictinus Email Author
Immerzeel, Alexander - Ravenger Email Author
Isogai, Ryo
Ivanovich, Jorge Ariel Email Author
Jacob, Jan - Massassi Email Author
Jacobs, Justin
Jacobsson, Andreas
Jager, Dirk
Jan,  - Laserschwert Email Author
Jang, Suckyoon - yokel Email Author
Jangariyawong, Monsit - monsitj Email Author
Jaspers, Wil Email Author
Jasso, Jaime - JamesVFX
Jieanu, Dragos - Dragos Email Author
Johansson, Fredrik Email Author
Johnfetus, Ryan
Johnson, Paul - The Wiz Email Author
Jones, Wayne - jedilaw Email Author
Jones, Tony - Liquid2021
Jones, Ian Email Author
Jones, Sze - SzeJones Email Author
Jongsma, John
Joon, Chun Sea - Chun Sea Joon Email Author
Jorgenson, James - Mr. P51 Email Author
Jukes, Kolby - KWAK Email Author
Jung, Tony - tjnyc Email Author
Jung Won, Park Email Author
Jushchyshyn, Nick - PadawanNick Email Author
Katnezor, Fredo - Fredokatnezor Email Author
Kearney, John Email Author
Kehlan Email Author
Kemp, Lian Email Author
Kennedy, Sean - Treybor Email Author
Kimbalazani, Bondhan Email Author
Kincaid, Jeremy
Kingsnorth, Mark Email Author
Kline, Rob
Kolakis, Julianna - jkolakis Email Author
Konieczny, Robin Email Author
Kor, Max - MKor
Kronke, Clay - Clay Email Author
Kurochkin, Nick
Kuznetsov, Dmitriy - Daemon3d Email Author
Kvasznicza, Daniel - I-NetGraFX
Kyung Up, Hyun - hku64 Email Author
Lamont, David Email Author
Larson, Nick
Larsson, Andreas - derelict Email Author
Lawson, Mike
Lee, Jason - Vektor Email Author
Lee, Soa Email Author
Legrain, Sebastien Email Author
Leitgeb, Benjamin - selwy Email Author
Lemmik, Kristian - Kchr1ss ToMosEisly Email Author
Lepeltier, Frederic - Rayon X Email Author
Levy, David - vylewind Email Author
Lindgren, Mathias
Lionard, Jerome Email Author
Lopes, Filipe Email Author
Lorenzo, Emilio - tatoman Email Author
Lucas, Alexandre - Chimaera Email Author
Ludvigsen, Henning - henningsen
MacCormack, Neil - bearfootfilms Email Author
Macomber, Dave Email Author
Mafen, Mafen Email Author
Malmer, Mattias
Mangogna, Lorenzo Email Author
March, Andrew Email Author
Marodon, Eric Email Author
Marquis, Xavier - Xavier Email Author
Maschke, Robert - airage Email Author
Matefy, Szabolcs - j3st3r Email Author
Matthias, Mayer - [HB]Pride Email Author
McGarry, John Email Author
Meerow, Al Email Author
Menabe, Laurent - spigaou Email Author
Meyers, Rob
Mezori, George - ZOO* Email Author
Miezis Email Author
Mikhailenko, Pavel - MPavel Email Author
Miller, Marti - mmarti Email Author
Miller, Tom
Ming, Wei Email Author
Mister X
MiSTRFiNGA,  - MiSTA* Email Author
Mo, Jay - JAY-MO Email Author
Monroe, Joe Email Author
Morrell, Stefan Email Author
Moss, David Email Author
Mostad, Pär - meshbuilder Email Author
Mrackova, Denisa
Muenz, Franz - AN][ARES  Email Author
Müller, André - muepper Email Author
Murtaza, Alex Email Author
Museum of the Improbable Email Author
Nguyen, Tony - Nell Email Author
Norling, Staffan - Squapper_Stuffe
North, Dan
Nunes, Diogo - Viper Email Author
O'Donnell, Steve - Sodonn Email Author
Owśnicki, Artur - ArTooRo Email Author
P.R.Dobson - Martocticvs
Paiva, Fabio
Palomo, JJ - JJ Email Author
Panic Struck, Productions - Panickstruckpro Email Author
Pappas, Nick
Pareja, Jose Gonzalez
Parillo, Bruno Email Author
Park, Jung Ho - jabraniho Email Author
Pashkov, Henry  Email Author
Passaro, Fabio Email Author
Pattenden, Darren Email Author
Pember, Chris
Peretti, Edward - Zenon
Peretti, Ed
Pfingsten, Matt Email Author
Phobos, Lord - LordPhobos Email Author
Pic-A-Card,   Email Author
Plaksin, Valery - pichunter
Ponsonnet, Olivier - reiv
Popescu, Alex - aksu Email Author
Potts, Jerry
Preuss, Alexander - vampeta Email Author
Puebla, Rebecca Email Author
Ravenwood, Andrew
Ray, Lee James - indianna500 Email Author
Rachel Moss Email Author
Redlefs, Hartmut
Rehm, Adrian
Reif, Dietmar - The Dig Email Author
Reisweber, Jared - yodajared Email Author
Reynolds, Randy Email Author
Richter, Tobias Email Author
Rieder, Christian
Riley, Kevin - Lt. Kevin Riley Email Author
Rivard, Alan - al3d Email Author
Roberts, Jeremy - JPR Email Author
Robertson, Sean
Robinson, Paul - robo_obi Email Author
Roda, Laércio - Medjai Email Author
Rodolfi, Luca - Rodluc Email Author
Roeoesli, Natascha Email Author
Romero, Jose Luis Martin
Roth, Rodolfo
Rouse, Marc - lerxst856 Email Author
Rowley, Clinton - overState_NaturallyStoned Email Author
Ryder , Jonathan - SquarePixel
Salehi, Amir Email Author
Santos, Sergio Email Author
Sanvito, Steven Email Author
Sauermann, Phillipp
Schmidt, Tobias - Zorbi
Schneider, Nir - Don't Shoot Email Author
Schoberth, Ralph Email Author
Schroeder, Eric - ErikStormtrooper Email Author
Seals, Jay - NightShadow Email Author
Sebastien, Haure - stuzzi Email Author
Sehenuk, Tom Email Author
Showalter, Don
Shtainer, Rami - SUS
Silingardi, Luca - Flat Eric Email Author
Simha, M.
Simny, Marthin Agusta
Siviour, Wayne Email Author
Skawinski, Maciek - Maska
Slanitz, Thomas Email Author
Snider, Rick - Hobbes Email Author
Sokolova, Katarina - sokolova Email Author
Sook, Kim Jong - Kzinnia Email Author
Spitoni, Marco - Uras
Stahlberg, Stephen Email Author
St-Arnaud, Frederic Email Author
Stocker, Karl - Pixeltek Email Author
Strasz, Greg Email Author
Stratmann, Michael - Braxton Email Author
Straub, Philip - straubart Email Author
Suchánek, Michal Email Author
Surya, Andre Email Author
Swihart, Curtis Email Author
Szeflinski, Lukasz - yuka Email Author
Takao, Shigeyama Email Author
Tawn, Russell - rustytheone
Tea, Alvin - alvin-cgi
Team of Artists - Bingo Digital-Media Email Author
Ter, Ko Email Author
Thiele, Ricardo - Zy Email Author
Thomas, Mark Email Author
Thurman, Scott Email Author
Tibbetts, Lee Email Author
Tiexin, Wang - Wangtiexin
Tinsley, Jason
Tonge, Gary Email Author
Tranh Bá, Cu Long
Troitzsch, Christoph - digitalsnake Email Author
Tsai, Stefano Email Author
Turvey, Richard Email Author
Tyler, Steve - Coolhand
Underwood, Craig - JeneralJarJar Email Author
Valentine, Mark Email Author
Valtteri & Hannu
Van Halm, Sebastian
Velazquez, David Munoz Email Author
Verhasselt , Mathias - mv Email Author
Verta, Mike Email Author
Wallace, Chris
Walton, Matt
Wang, Xiaoyu Email Author
Wang, Will - d6sense
Wantzen, Knut
Warnock, Tim Email Author
Weaver, Ashley - ubermonk Email Author
Weigland, Nico Email Author
Wheaton, Dan Email Author
Wibisono, Mario - Raynkazuya Email Author
Wilkinson, Scott
Willot, Allan
Wilson, Jason Email Author
Wiro, A
Wishart, Steve - Darth Steven Email Author
Withers, Harold
Wladimirovich, Nefedov Denis - md3d Email Author
Wong, Terence Email Author
xizor Email Author
Yamagami, Koji - Beans Magic Email Author
Zachary, Brachin
Zammit, Kevin - TZ
Zhang, Yang Email Author
Zhang, Jack Email Author
Zier, Scott Email Author
Zimmerman, Markus - Wedge Antilles  Email Author
Zoltan, Kecskemeti B. - Ste-One Email Author


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