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> "Remember Me" video game pre-production concept
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> X-WING T-65
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George Mezori (JEFE)

Email: Send an email to author 
Web Address: 
Locale: Florida USA 
Occupation: Nuclear Medicine 
Software: MAX, LW, Premeire, Photoshop, After FX, and everything else that is currently published. 
Comments: Producer/Director of SCIFI 3D and it's in-house projects like SON OF THE SUNS. 
Work by Author WIP by Author
Millenium Falcon (YT1300) (Conversion)
Trade Federation Landing Craft (Conversion)
Sebulba's Pod Racer (Conversion)
Gasgano's Pod Racer (Conversion)
Corellian Corvette (Blockade Runner) (Conversion)
Dagobah Evil Cave (Conversion)
Imperial Star Destroyer Hangar (Conversion)
Landing Craft Shuttle (3DS Conversion)
X Wing (Snub Fighter) 3 (3DS Conversion)
Star Trek - USS Constitution (3DS Conversion)
Star Trek - USS Diligent (3DS Conversion)
Sebulba's Pod Racer 2 (3DS Conversion)
Jedi Starfighter HyperRing (3DS Conversion)
SCIFI 3D banners/logos (Author)
Probe Droid (3DS Conversion)
Star Trek - USS Cantell (3DS Conversion)
Star Trek - Immense Starbase (3DS Conversion)
Star Trek - Spacelab Regula I (3DS Conversion)
Star Trek - Travelpod (3DS Conversion)
Bwing (2) (OBJ Conversion)
Tusken Raider (Sand People) (Conversion)
Z95 Headhunter (Conversion)
Tibanna Gas Refinery (Conversion)
Trade Federation Droid Fighter 2 (Conversion)
Death Star (MAX & 3DS conversions)
Death Star 1 & 2 Background Images (Contributor)
Imperial Lambda Class Shuttle (Tydirium) (Conversion)
Imperial Lambda Class Shuttle 2 (Tydirium) (Conversion)
Sith Speeder (Conversion)
Stap (Conversion)
SON OF THE SUNS Trailer: SCIFI 3D (Producer, Director)
THX TRAILER : created for the KnightQuest fanfilm (Producer ,Director)
SON OF THE SUNS Trailer2: SCIFI 3D (Producer, Director)
Stormtrooper 3 (3DS Conversion)
Carbon Chamber SOTS (Author)
Jedi Council Chamber SOTS (Author)
Son of the Suns - poster (Design)
Starship Troopers - Arachnid (Conversion to 3DS)
Samurai Warrior (Author)
Death Stars (Model)
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