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Matt Clark

Web Address: 
Locale: London, England  
Occupation: Reprographics Technician 
Hardware: Pentium II 350mhz, 128mb, Win 2000 
Software: 3D Studio MAX 2.5 & 3.00 Photoshop 5  
Comments: This is a pic of Matt and his buddy (zoo) sharing a drink at the local Mos Espa cantina You can't tell but that's his wallet in my hand behind his head. We were playing cards together this night and I cheated him outta everything but that lousey t-shirt he's wearing. I had his girlfriend that night too. Hesa knotta too bright, but hesa goood witah grapheeks 
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Jabba the Hutt (Original Model)
Watto (Original Model)
Sebulba (Original Model)
Queen Amidala (Head Mesh)
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