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> Planet Maps - Star Wars Force Awakens
> X-Wing Incom T70
> Star Wars Battlefront 3 - Wallpaper
> A Wing R-22 Spearhead
> "Remember Me" video game pre-production concept
> "Remember Me" video game pre-production concept
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> WarHammer 40K - SPACE MARINE
> Robocop
> KRSK-3 Kerensky Mech
> Star Wars Legacy Edition
> X-WING T-65
> R2-D2 (SW Complete Visual Dictonary)

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Locale: United Kingdom 
Software: 3ds max and Cinema 4D, but there's other applications I like to use too, like Photoshop, ZModeler, Milkshape 3D and Hammer. 
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Tie Interceptor 3 (Author)
Matrix Sentinel (Author)
Matrix APU (3) (Author)
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