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Olivier Couston (Dr.Jones)

Email: Send an email to author 
Web Address: http:// 
Age: 39 
Locale: France 
Occupation: Student 
Hardware: 1,4 Ghz Athlon512 RAMCanon PowerShot G2 Camera, and a big 19 
Software: 3D Studio MAX PhotoShop 
Comments: I follow Scifi3d since it's has been created. I'd like to work as a CG artist when I finish my studies 
Work by Author WIP by Author
Anakin's Pod Racer (Remap)
Frigate & Capital Ship Hangar (Conversion)
Death Star Lauchbay (Original Model)
Carbon Freezing Chamber (Original Model)
Tatooine Background (Original)
Z95 Headhunter (2) (Author)
Greedo head (Author)
Stormtrooper - Cartoon Style (Author)
Ewing (2) (Author)
Bwing (2) (Author)
Tomb Raider - Lara Croft (Author)
Jedi Starfighter Concept (Author)
Jedi Starfighter Concept (2) (Author)
Jedi Starfighter Concept (3) (Author)
Shuttle Concept (Author)
Tie Droid (2) (Author)
Mandalorian Fighter (Author)
Jedi Starfighter Concept (4) (Author)
Cargo craft (Author)
Cargo craft (2) (Author)
Cargo craft (3) (Author)
Kyle Katarn - Cartoon (Author)
Admiral Thrawn - Cartoon (Author)
Transport traffic (1) (Author)
Transport traffic (2) (Author)
Transport traffic (3) (Author)
Transport traffic (4) (Author)
Tatooine Background 2 (Original)
Coruscant Background (Original)
X Wing (Snub Fighter) 2 (Original Model)
N1 Naboo Starfighter 2 (Original Model)
Z95 Headhunter (Original Model)
Darth Maul (Original Model)
Skyhopper (T-16) (Retexturing & Modification )
Imperial Lambda Class Shuttle (Tydirium) (Mesh)
Tie Bomber (Original Model)
N1 Naboo Starfighter 3 (MAX conversion)
Cloak Shape Fighter - KnightQuest (Max Conversion)
EWing (Model)
Ewing Cockpit (Model)
AT-AT 3 (Head Turrets)
Coruscant City Block (Original Model)
Sith Order : Coruscant (Author)
Corsucant Clouds - Sith Order (Author)
Darth Maul - SON OF THE SUNS (Author)
Boba Fett in Carbon Chamber (Author)
Predator (Author)
Greedo head (2) (Author)
Stormtrooper - Mini Toon (Author)
Clonetrooper - Mini Toon (Author)
Ratts Tyerell (Original Model)
Tie Bomber (Original Model)
Darth Maul (Original Model)
Stormtrooper - Cartoon Style (Author)
Tombraider - Lara Croft (Author)
E-wing (Author)
Z95 Headhunter (2) (Author)
Trooptransport - Landing Craft (Author)
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