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Matthew Christou (Mattc)

Email: Send an email to author 
Web Address: 
Age: 49 
Locale: Australia 
Occupation: Engineer 
Comments: Matthew is one of the few kings of conversions around here. He makes them for all MAX and LW users. He's a great resource to the community. Check out his website to see just how many things he is working on. 
Work by Author WIP by Author
Star Trek - USS Nebula Class Version 2 (LW conversion)
Star Trek - Drydock (LW conversion)
Star Trek - Shuttlepod Chaffe (LW conversion)
Star Trek - Cardassian Scout (LW conversion)
Star Trek - Ktinga (LW conversion)
Star Trek - USS Phobos (LW conversion)
Republic Assault Ship (LW conversion)
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