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> "Remember Me" video game pre-production concept
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> R2-D2 (SW Complete Visual Dictonary)

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Work by Author WIP by Author
Galactic Senate (Original Model)
Mos Espa Arena (Contributor)
Turret Room (Original Model)
Trade Federation Conference Room (Original Model)
Dagobah Evil Cave (Original Model)
Slave Quarters - Anakin backyard (Author)
Coruscant (Original)
Yavin IV (Original)
Yavin (Cloud Maps)
Naboo (Original)
Death Star 1 & 2 Background Images (Contributor)
Imperial Star Destroyer (Original Model)
Skybus / Airbus (Retexturing)
Imperial Star Destroyer: Four (Texture Maps)
Coruscant Canyon (Author)
Blade Runner - city building 1 (Author)
Son of the Suns - poster (Author)
Executor (Textures)
Theed Buildings (Contributor)
Queen Amidala (Original Model)
Darth Maul (Original Model)
Coruscant Quarters (Original Model)
Melting Pit (Original Model)
Theed Throne Room (Original Model)
Jabba's Palace (Original Model)
Galactic Senate (Original Model)
Death Star 2 Tower (New Version)
Lars Family Homestead (Original Model)
Endor (Surface Scenes) (Original Model)
Theed Hangar (Original Model)
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