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Dan North

Web Address: 
Age: 43 
Locale: Australia 
Occupation: Architecture Student 
Hardware: Old, slow Pentium III 500. Saving for a new one... 
Software: Max, Photoshop, ArchiCAD, etc 
Work by Author WIP by Author
Galactic Senate (Original Model)
Gasgano's Pod Racer (Original Model)
Gungan Habitat (Original Model)
Geonosis (Author)
Tatooine (Original)
Hoth (Original)
Yavin (Maps)
Dagobah (Original)
Han Solo in Carbonite (Original Model)
Corvette Escape Pod (Original Model)
Skytaxi / Airtaxi (Medium Detail) (Original)
Ebe Endocott's Podracer (Original Model)
Endor (author)
Tatooine 2 (Author)
Yavin flyby (Author)
Coruscant Air Taxi (Low-rez Model)
Ebe Endocott (Original Model)
Galactic Senate (Original Model)
Clegg Holdfast podracer (Author)
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